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Welcome to SORDA´s Official Website !

Strong Communities

Commitment towards our local communities to bring about an evidence based, long term social impact through our currently running programs.

Citizens Participation

Participation in the public sphere by facilitating the conduction of structured democratic dialogues which unleash the spirit of creativity and teamwork among citizens, thus enabling them to face or prevent forthcoming crises

Passionate Staff

We have a lot experience and multiculturality by valuing diversity in ideas, in our staff and in those we serve

Upcoming Events

Partnership Collaboration

Welcome to the Democracy Lecture !

“ Let´s work together ”

Our interest in the issues of democracy, civic activity, European integration, international cooperation, culture, entrepreneurship, arts and sports led to the founding of our organization. Our statute includes the following goals and ways of achieving them:
- promoting European integration;
- promoting international cooperation and youth exchange as well as representatives of local communities and environments;
- undertaking and conducting projects aimed at stimulating the activity of local communities
- promoting a healthy and active lifestyle
- initiating and conducting cultural, information, educational, scientific and sports activities.